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With four not so little babies, who are all very active with different sports and activities, I quickly learnt how important fundraising was for schools, clubs and the community.

I came up with the idea to personalise some great usable products and make the clubs and schools some money while doing it.

When I am asked to fundraise my first reaction is often a big sigh, as I think of what’s ahead.

  • Time to convince family and friends to buy some more chocolate? (or buy the box or two myself)
  • Time for another quiz night? (by now I should know every answer possible)
  • Yes I can buy one of those. (I will never use it but great to support the club)

So after several years of this I decided there has to be another way.

I understood that fundraising is a big part of giving clubs, school and organisations the money they need to take care of our children and also the community.

Everyone is looking for an easy, fun, viable way to make some money for there community.

I asked myself “How can we give support to people needing to fundraise, without asking people to spend money on things they don’t need or want?”

That’s when I came up with “Fundraising Idairz”

Fundraising products people want to buy!

Coming from a branding and promotional product background the decision was pretty easy.

Being a parent and working full time I appreciated just how busy people were so Fundraising Idairz will do the work for the organisations and save people time.

The products will be fun and easy to sell, and yes things people need and want to buy.

We are looking forward to working with New Zealanders to help support different clubs, schools and organisations.

Let’s keep it fun and easy and make a difference.


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