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Small tile 200mm X 100mm $125.00

You can have up to 40 letters engraved onto your tile.

Large tile 600mm X 300mm $550.00

You can have up to 60 letters or your logo engraved onto your tile.

Please note tile colour, engraving finish and size of the tiles may vary slightly to the images supplied.

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How you can help?

 Purchase your tile now and support the new facility at Fraserpark Sportsville.

We are excited to be working with the Hutt City Council and the Ricoh Sports Centre to re home Hutt Valley Gymnastics and build a brand new purpose built regional gymnastics facility.

The facility will be hugely beneficial as the current facility does not have adequate space, parking or heating and is not in a family friendly or green space. We are looking forward to clearing our waiting lists and introducing new classes like Competitive Trampolining and Tumbling, Acrobatics and Circus.

If you want to know more about this fundraiser please contact Hutt Valley Gymnastics directly.

04 566 3244 or

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