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Have you been put in charge of the Fundraiser for your organisation?

What are you going to sell or do? 

What will people pay for? 

How are you going to convince a pile of others to give up their time to help run an event, sell chocolates, cook sausages, or clean cars?

What if I told you we could help you organise the most well organised Fundraiser that will not involve a huge amount of time or effort, people will end up with actual useful products, so no complaining about unhealthy chocolates or not catering to everyone’s dietary requirements?

Sounds to good to be true but it’s not.

Fundraising Idairz offers a range of high-quality merchandise that can have your school, club, or organisations logo on and be personalised with individual names. Even better you wont need to collect money or redistribute the orders we do it all for you.

The only thing you will need to do is get the word out to everyone, so they know the fundraiser is on and what they need to do. Even then we are right there with you giving you everything you need.

We will provide you with all the Facebook posts and emails to send to everyone and get them to share to their networks to get the word out. We will tell you what to post and when throughout the whole Fundraiser. (You don’t even need to tell them we gave it to you let them be wowed by your amazing organisational and creative skills your secret is safe with us)

We will work with you directly to customise each fundraiser to a small collection of products that suit your club, school, or organisation.

Below is a range of the different products to choose from.

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