2 Person – 3 Day Full Survival Pack


Emergency 2 Person 3 Day Full Survival Pack containing all the essential gear for 2 people for 3 days after a Civil Defence Emergency.

This kit has the most essential items required for two people. It contains many vital components and comes packed into a backpack so that it is easily carried if required.

This kit not only has safety items, but contains food and first aid equipment, it also has a variety of tools to help you prepare at short notice or cope with an emergency situation.

This product is a must have exclusive item from NZ Survivor!

To guess is cheap, to get it wrong is expensive…

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Quality, durable, backpack

1 plastic drink bottle

Water Purification Tablets-50 pack


First Aid Kit and Personal Hand Sanitiser

Palm Torch -No batteries required

Survival Knife -Stainless Steel; Features: * Knife * Corkscrew * Can Opener * Small Saw * Scale & Hook Removal Tool * Scissors * Hole Punch * Nail File * Phillips Screwdriver * Blade Screwdriver

2 Eztowel -packs of 10 biodegradable towelettes

2 packs of Waterproof Matches

4 Dust masks

2 Emergency Food Rations, lasts three days for two people

Solar Torch, Radio and Cell-phone charger. No batteries required, AM/FM radio, LED Torch and charges smart phones or tablets when you have no access to power.

2 Emergency Blankets and Waterproof Ponchos

2 Light Sticks -12 hour

Leather palm gloves

2 Bio Hazard Bags

Free Upgrade – Value $72.55

  • 1 x 500 ml Hand Sanitiser
  • 2 x Packets Alcohol Germicidal Wipes
  • 4 x KN95 Disposable Masks



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