4 Person – 3 Day Full Survival Pack


Emergency 4 person 3-day full survival pack containing all of the essential gear for 4 people for 3 days after a Civil Defence Emergency.

Perfect for work spaces so please share with your work colleagues, employers and friends.

This kit has the essential items required for four people. It contains many vital components and comes packed into a back pack so that it is easily carried if required.

This kit not only has safety items, but contains food and first aid equipment, it also has a variety of tools to help you prepare at short notice or cope with an emergency situation.

This product is a must have exclusive item from NZ Survivor!

To guess is cheap, to get it wrong is expensive…

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Quality, durable, backpack

2 plastic drink bottles

Water Purification Tablets-50 pack


First Aid Kit and Personal Hand Sanitiser

Palm Torch -No batteries required

Survival Knife -Stainless Steel; Features: * Knife * Corkscrew * Can Opener * Small Saw * Scale & Hook Removal Tool * Scissors * Hole Punch * Nail File * Phillips Screwdriver * Blade Screwdriver

4 Eztowel – packs of 10 biodegradable towelettes

2 packs of Waterproof Matches

8 N95/P2 Respirators -AS/NZS 1716:2012

4 Emergency Food Rations, lasts three days for two people

Solar Torch, Radio and Cell-phone charger. No batteries required, AM/FM radio, LED Torch and charges smart phones or tablets when you have no access to power.

4 Emergency Blankets and Waterproof Ponchos

4 Light Sticks -12 hour

Leather palm gloves

4 Bio Hazard Bags

Free Upgrade – Value $120.15

  • 1 x 500 ml Hand Sanitiser
  • 4 x Packets Alcohol Germicidal Wipes
  • 8 x KN95 Disposable Masks


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