Playcentre Beanie


Everyone needs a warm beanie for the winter season.

  • Support your Playcentre when as $2.50 from every beanie purchased goes back to the centre of choice
  • Have your name embroidered on the hat – never loose or wear the wrong hat again!
  • Easy to shop with us, we can either deliver to the Playcentre¬†you are supporting or you can choose to deliver directly to your door
  • Great colours to choose from
  • Great quality product



Acrylic Beanie

Silicon Straw Specs

Every day we use enough single use plastic straws to circle the equator 2.5 times if they were laid end to end. Reusable, food grade silicone drinking straws are a safe alternative and a hot new product for promotion that sends a positive message. They can easily be cut to size with scissors to suit most tumblers and washing instructions are included in each box.


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